With over 20 years of experiences on the path of beauty. We could cooperate with leading foreign labs to jointly develop extracts and cosmetic
We believe that a good product must consist of an invaluable extract, a gentle texture that is safe for the skin. Moreover the leaders can take the substance into the skin at the right point. Enriched with LAVINESSE, DE L’AMOUR innovations was born under the concept “All DE L’AMOUR products must work synergize”
LAVINESSE Innovation
Nowadays, an innovation of an Active Ingredients in skincare industry is growing. The active ingredient is an important material which is directly
affects in a specific result. For examples, increase whitening, reduce wrinkles, helps moisturizing, etc. These active ingredients will be mixed
down in the skincare production.
But how could we know that those active ingredients will be absorbed or really helps your skin.
LAVINESSE Innovation
LAVINESSE Innovation is an innovation developed and license owned by DE L’AMOUR. It is an intelligent mediator in term of
liquid crystal which bring all other ingredients down into the skin. Improves the efficiency of active ingredient. Solving every
problems of skin from the beginning with 4 functions.


Carrier – Lead extracts into the skin both oil and water and penetrate deeply into the skin at the point and quickly.

Booster – Enhancements to extract the active ingredient quickly for the skin will benefit to see results faster.

Balancer – Helps the skin retain moisture retention rewater balancing, reduce inflammation, itching and dry skin.

Barrier – Protect skin for long lasting condition, preventing skin aging. Sensitive skin with strong skin.

with a Liquid crystal structure which fimiliar with structure of the skin, it will bring an important structure and help absorbing and rejuvenating to go well. Also with 4 patterns of LAVINESSE Innovation, the quality of the ingredient’s effects will be multiplied to make you more satisfied.

The Beginning of Love
In comparison,DE L’AMOUR is like the one who seek ordinary dreams. Those who have the passion to create and select the best one for your skin by focusing on the source of the problem points to the meticulous style care.
Stage of Love
Every step in the path to the dream, we have accumulated experiences,expertise and merge carefully selected extracts and prepared with love and the innovation of our unique formula, we understand the skin as well.
Establish a True Love
DE L’AMOUR’s journey began with research on the aging of cells in the body which causes aging skin. The issue of changing conditions in the world today .We Find an extract that adjusts the cell of the human body, it is best to care for safe and clear results. DE L’AMOUR (Thailand) jointly invented and research with lab in France to find out how to make extracts which recover the skin of the human body and make it return to the balance and young again. Until the year 2016, origin of the LAVINESSE Innovation to extract work up to the point of the brain surface or Brainstem s Skin. ‘. That is only the copyright of the DE L’AMOUR only by a rehabilitation care cell calcification with pass to the DNA SKIN and results at the unexpected.


Research on truth skin problems

Invent the innovative care to direct point

Select the active for the most effective and safe

Develop the best innovation for skin