1. DE L'AMOUR products suitable for which skin type?

-DE L’AMOUR products suitable for any skin type.Because the properties of the Lavinesse addition to serving as a lead active ingredients into the skin. Also helps balance the skin.Lavinesse maintain the balance of water and oil on the face. This will keep your skin moist and healthy, hypoallergenic.To supplement the strength of the surface layer, resistant to pollution and things will go better.

2. What is Lavinesse™ ?

Lavinesse innovative chemical intermediate in the form of Liquid Crystal as a lead substance in the form of water. And oil to seep into the skin to the floor. The skin on the spot and quickly. LAVINESSE acts like

1.Barrier – Serves as a barrier protecting skin cells to remain longer. Aging and degeneration of skin cells. Sensitive skin back to health more quickly.

2.Carrier – Bypass conductor extracts into the skin, both oil and water. Penetrate deeply into the skin segments and quickly.

3.Booster – Enhancements to extract the active ingredient quickly. Make it even better results.

4.Balancer – Help retain water in the skin Retain moisture Reduces inflammation, itching, dry and sensitive.

3.Acne and extremely sensitive skin can be used?

-All products of DE L’AMOUR is naturally designed to be used on all skin types. It is gentle on sensitive skin. Customers with sensitive skin will love the most innovative products DE L’AMOUR because Lavinesse.

It reduces inflammation. Constant moisture to the skin Reduce water loss Keep moisture balance is restored. Dry skin is not easy and inflammation. Fixes an issue that causes problems for people with acne. Both acne, hormonal acne or acne truly versatile.

For customers who know themselves allergic substances should check the components before using the products of all kinds.

4. What are the difference between Rejuvenating Serum and Nette Serum?

-Rejuvenating Serum helps to repair a degenerative skin disrepair back in time, baby face.

Reduce wrinkles, tighten skin view Add moisture to the skin pores Thus making the skin firmer younger looking skin

-Nette Serum helps remove dead skin cells. The new skin is radiant light. Fade dark spots, freckles, acne on the face, with the SOD gives skin its strength and resistance to sunlight for a long time. Applications will be more efficient if you use the two together.


6. Can the man use products DE L'AMOUR?

Basically your face men have larger pores, dryness, and it more than women.

The Lavinesse innovation in DE L’AMOUR will act to help restore your skin to a smooth surface. Not harsh The moisture level constant or it does not dry too. You guys make your skin smooth and soft to the touch.

7. Pregnant women or breastfeeding status can be used or not?

-Available because the product is natural. Contain no banned substances, including 4 for expectant mothers.

  1. Vitamin A derivatives – which could affect the division of the fetus.
  2. Hydroquinone – resulted in severe dermatitis. Don’t wear in cosmetics are อาการแสบร้อน blister red, increase the risk. Skin cancer, medicine absorbed into the bloodstream. And may be side effects to the fetus.
  3. The steroid compounds – can cause side effects, both outside and inside the body, such as skin rash, up to a certain

effect of steroids on fetal remains unclear. But the use of steroids until you have adverse affects on healthy fetus.

  1. Mercury – if used for a long period of time will be absorbed into the bloodstream. The internal problems and other substances in the bloodstream will affect the growth of the baby. The danger the formation of brain tissue and system visually. The cerebral palsy and body crippled.

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