Essi Facial Whip

The soft foam with deep cleansing even make up and not make skin allergy. 100% natural and organic bio-based surfactant protect skin from irritation, oil control and pore minimizer. Keep your skin moist, smooth, balanced and brighten up. Ideal for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

  • Cleans the dirty and make up on the face.
  • Reduces the risk of acne and wrinkles.
  • Reduce sebum.
  • Pore minimizer.
  • Improve the moisturizer.
  • Increase the brightening skin.

Directions : 1-2 pump on palm and apply on the wet face. Use twice daily

⦁ To clean make up, apply Essi Facial Whip in moderation on face without water. Gently touch in the eyes and mouth area. Then use a cotton swab to wipe all cosmetics, then rinse with clean water.

⦁ Apply Essi Facial Whip in moderation on face regularly. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Registration number :10-1-6010040310
Net Wt. 150 ml.


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